Thursday, 14 June 2012

Try again

Bit of a  mammoth journey yesterday.   From my home in the Home Counties to mid Wales to drop my brother off to collect his car;  then acrosss to Hay on Wye to collect some replacement hatching eggs;  then down to Birmingham to collect an Ebay bargain; and then home again.  

Fantastic weather, really good day.

The eggs have settled overnight, have been disinfected, numbered and weighed, and are about to go into the Incubator.    12 Welsh Black (which is an Australorp x Indian Game); 2 Exchequer Leghorn;  4 Welsh Black x Australorp,  and 1 Welsh Black x Indian Game.    I do hope the last one hatches as well,  because we'll then have an interesting cross section of Welsh Blacks to compare and contrast.

21 days to go.

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