Tuesday, 26 June 2012


We went to play on Segways today, to celebrate my brother's birthday.  

DH and I have played on them once before, on holiday a few years ago.  Today was through a forest, and was great fun.  I did get overconfident though, swerved round a puddle rather wide and ended up with the Segway up a bank and me on by b*m.  No lasting damage, although my elbow is a bit battered and sore.

We then had lunch at a well rated Italian restaurant.  We were able to sit outside, which was lovely.  Food was OK, but not great (our local Italian is better). Glad I've been, won't be in a hurry to go back.

Felt very tired afterwards. I think it was all the fresh air (and eating a large meal at lunchtime).  I had a bit of a lie down, which is rather embarrassing: I'm  in my mid forties, which makes me far too old, or far too young, for an afternoon nap.

Sleep obstinately refused to take me. After abuout 10 minutes, I decided to get on and tackle the Girls' Run.  I did the Cube a few weeks ago (it needs doing again really, but the hosepipe ban makes it a bit of a pain to do) but I haven't done the Run for ages.  Well, I rake it up, put Stalosan down, and put the Aubiose back down again every week to ten days.  What I mean is I haven't removed the old stuff completely and replaced it with new, for ages.

It's very hot and dusty work.  It isn't just stale Aubiose that comes out, it's loads of dust and debris.  As I excavated, I reflected on the fact that the floor of the Run is significantly lower than when we built it. I suspect that at some point we'll need to put slabs in to raise the level.

Once it was empty, I spread around Stalosan, and tried to get rid of the waste.  I filled the two compost bins.  The rest had been put into a series of bags - those ones which come through the letterbox, we have a drawer full. I managed to dump some of said bags in the dustbin, the remaining ones are under the trailer and I'll put them in the dustbin once this week's collection has taken place. 

Next, I looked at the Dustbath. In for a penny....  I emptied it and refilled with fresh material: wood ash (carefully saved and bagged over the winter), play sand,  compost,  a bit of diatom, a bit of stalosan.   I normally puff in some louse powder too (love the smell) but we've run out.

Then I dragged a sack of Hemcore from My Shed.  I used just over half on the Run floor.  Previously I've used a whole bag,  but I think that is too much.   In the Summer I use Hemcore because it has been treated with Citronella which helps deter flies.  The rest of the year I use Aubiose, which has a softer texture.

Unable to stop, I then cleaned out the Cube, and put Hemcore in the poo trays and the nest box.  Next, I knelt on the floor to try and get the egg-shaped spare nest box out.  I had a bit of a turn, and had to lean my head against the back of the cube for support.  I knelt there for 5 minutes (well,  about 20 seconds, but it is the nature of these things that makes the time move differently).   As I waited for it to pass, I thought idly about whether my untimely death while shovelling chicken sh*t, especially if I was found in my current position,  would be local newsworthy.  

Sorry to spoil the suspense, but the moment passed.   Too hot, too dehydrated.     I then came in for a lot of water and a sit down.  Then a cool shower. Then a lie down.

I feel better now.

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