Thursday, 7 June 2012


Milly (Cream Legbar) and Florence (Australorp) are continuing with their BFF broody spell.  I've now started to shut them out of the nest box (after the other 3 have laid) in an attempt to convince them that it's time to top. 

They object.  Loudly.

I felt guilty.  To assuage my guilt I ate part of an apple, and then bit the remaining (large) part of it into 5 chunks. I went out into the rain, and threw a bit of apple down.  A streak of black and gold (Roobarb) rushed past me and ran off with it; she collided into a mountainous black chicken (Florence) coming form the other direction, to whom I threw my second piece.  She missed it, and came up to me complaining loudly.  A fat ginger chicken (Custard) stole the bit of apple intended for Florence and wandered off. I threw another bit of apple for Florence. She was so busy "ook ook"ing at me that she missed it.  A ginger blur skipped past, picking up the morsel without stopping.  I threw another bit of apple for Florence, my fourth piece. Surely the stoopid girl would get this one?!  Apparently not, as Roobarb, who had finished her first piece, got it instead.    I threw my last piece of apple. Custard got it, dropping her original piece as she did so, CLearly "a morsel in the sky is worth more than a morsel in the beak" is the motto chooks follow.  Florence stole Custard's dropped piece, which undoubtably made Florence feel superior.

I had run out of apple, and I saw Milly coming out of the walk in run. Fortunately for my conscience, she had gone a few yards and then had realised it was raining. She turned round and ran back into the run, oblivious to the unintended slight.

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