Saturday, 23 June 2012

Shedding stuff

After dealing with the chooks (mowing, moving the fence etc),  we put the spare fencing in My Shed. We have two sheds, called "My Shed" and "Your Shed".   Of course when DH talks about the sheds, the shed known by me as My Shed is referred to by him as "Your Shed".   We know what we mean, which is what's important.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, putting the fencing in My Shed.   My Shed was getting a bit full,  and it will shortly be even more full as we have to empty Your Shed to make room for the young chicks.   I looked around, espied some horse electric fencing posts,  and decided it was Time to Get Rid.

I haven't owned horses for several years (it must be 8? yars 10? years), and I decided some years ago that I wasn't going to get any more.   So, time to dispose of the fenceposts.
I took them out and sorted them - those with straight spikes, and those whose spikes were bent.  I took photos, and put them back in the box and put the box in the kitchen.  

I couldn't find the electric fencing tape, nor the other bits and pieces.  I started to move stuff around, trying to find them. No luck. Loft perhaps?  

I asked DH if he had seen them in the loft (He has been rearranging the loft for some time now).   He was certain they were in My Shed.  So, we both went to My Shed to look.   And then we were in the middle of a Clutterbust.

I've put some stuff on Freecycle, including stuff I had been planning to Ebay but need a bit of tlc first.     I put some stuff up for sale on some specialist websites.  My kitchen has a pile of stuff waiting for new homes now.

We managed to clear a good quarter of My Shed before the enthusiasm waned.  Decided to quit while we're ahead.  We still haven't found the rest of the electric fencing stuff. I'm wondering if I took it to the tip? (Although why I would do that with perfectly saleable electric fencing, I can't imagine.). 

I might try the loft tomorrow.

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