Friday, 8 June 2012

Fowl weather

The weather has been foul.  Lots of rain, lots of wind.  Reminds me of the name of the monsoon season in  "Carry On Again, Doctor"... All pissenafafa.

I went out to collect eggs and to eject Florence and Milly from the nest box.  When I opened the egg port, there were two chooks in the nest (Milly and Custard), and three chooks sitting in the house.  Either they are all going broody now,  or there was a queue to lay,  or the weather had made them decide to go and sit in the hen house. 

No eggs. I ejected Milly. I felt mean, but reminded myself that she really needs to be ejected,  and she's a real b*tch of chook to the others anyway.  I left Custard where she was, giving her the Benefit of the Doubt.  I couldn't reach the others so I left them.

Milly looked very miserable, and I felt very mean. I called her.  She squawked at me.  I nipped into the kitchen to get out one of yesterday's potatoes for her.  There was a commotion as three of the others fought to get down the ladder.  I broke the potato into six pieces and made sure they all got some.  Poor Custard was busy delivering an egg, so she didn't get any... I 'll sneak her some later.

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