Friday, 1 June 2012


The bunting is up.

The Girls' run and Cube are suitably bedecked.. 

  The Girls had no idea that they were royalists.

The swing (and the fence behind, which you can't see from this angle) has also been festooned
I've also put some bunting outside the porch at the front.  DH is resigned to it.  He looked even more resigned when I managed to locate my very large Union Flag, which I'd been keeping in a safe place since the Golden Jubilee.

He went out a little while ago. I went upstairs and managed to hang it on the front of the house, underneath the upstairs window.   I'm sure he'll be very pleased when he gets back.

No photos of the front, I'm afraid.

I've still got another 10m of bunting left. I'm toying with the idea of putting it along the fence (out the front) which separates us from next door.  We'll see. 

I didn't think of myself as particularly royalist until the Golden Jubilee when one of my younger friends was saying that she didn't mind the Queen, but what had the Queen ever done for her?   As I responded, I found myself feeling that I had quite royalist sympathies, resulting in me getting a flag and bunting for the Golden Jubilee. 


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