Saturday, 9 June 2012


I was on an online forum the other day discussing the non-chicken benefits of cider vinegar.   I use vinegar (not necessarily the cider variety) for, amongst other things,  cleaning my windows and in place of fabric conditioner for towels.  Someone mentioned that vinegar could be used as a hair rinse, to add shine and condition.

My hair needs shine, so I was interested in this. I was concerned that it might react with my semi-permanent hair colouring.     I checked in my Vinegar bible (VB), and it said that it can be used on hair.. although, to be fair,  almost everything I think of seems to be a possible use for Vinegar according to that particular tome.

So, today, I had a go.  Now, the VB said to use 4fl oz in 20fl oz of water.  That seemed rather a lot to me,  so I went for 2fl oz in 10fl oz of water.   As I shampooed my hair, I wondered whether I should apply the vinegar before, after or instead of conditioner.  I also wondered whether it should be applied as a final rinse, or whether I should rinse it out afterwards.

By now, I'd finished shampooing and rinsing.  I decided to use conditioner, and then to apply the vinegar solutiob.  I conditioned, waited,  rinsed.  And then I started pouring a little of the cider vinegar on my head, and rubbing in, and then pouring a little more.

Did I mention that I was washing my hair in the shower?

I hadn't really thought about the risk of vinegar in my eyes.  I quickly learned to shut my eyes and to keep them shut.

I hadn't really thought about the fact that the solution would drain off my hair and all over me.  My half pint of vinegar solution actually took quite a while to work through my hair. 

I smelt my hair. Actually, all I could smell was cider vinegar (thank goodness I hadn't gone for the Sarsons Malt Vinegar), so I couldn't really tell whether my hair stank of vinegar, or whether all of me stank of vinegar,  or whether the vinegar in the shower stank of vinegar.

I decided I'd better rinse it.

I wrapped my wet locks in a towel,  dried the rest of me,  and then towel dried my hair.     I peered at it in the mirror. It hadn't gone green.

I always let my hair dry naturally, so it took a while before I could see if it had made any difference. 
  • it doesn't smell of vinegar
  • it didn't go green
  • it didn't add any shine to my hair (but I do have very dry hair, so that wasn't really a surprise)
  • my hair was very soft 
  • my scalp feels very clean
I will try it again another time.  I might even try not rinsing it afterwards, to see if that makes a difference.

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