Thursday, 28 June 2012

Every year is different

This time last year we'd had already had an abundant sour-cherry crop.  We'd made cherry brandy,   DH had picked 8 pounds to turn into cherry wine, I'd made cherry vodka,  cherry lollies,   and I'd canned huge amounts of cherries in syrup.

Thi8s year I want to make cherries in syrup again. I ate loads of those with greek yoghurt, or blitzed with kefir.   And possibly a bit of cherry vodka. I think I've found the recipe I used for my most successful cherry vodka,several years ago now. So far I just haven't been able to reproduce it.

This year, it looks like quite a paltry crop,  and there are very few which are ripe yet.  They are getting riper by the day though, so hopefully I'll be able to do something over the weekend.

Need to get my head into preserving mode.


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  1. I got into preserving mode this week and made 17 jars of fig and whiskey jam & 7 jars of damson and lemon jam! Feels good to have jars of jam everywhere again!