Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Cheek of It

We have more than our fair share of pigeons.   The pigeons which visit us are great big fat waddling things,  grossly overfed (not by us), and now so fat that the fences wobble when one of them lands on it.

They are also getting bolder, and are less and less amenable to flying off. Although that may be because they are so fat and unable, rather than because they are just beng cheeky.

Today, I heard the feeder in the walk in run  clunk. I was a bit surprised, as I was sure I had just seen five chickeny faces watching me from outside.   I walked out of the kitchen door and down the path.  There was definitely someone on the treadle stuffing themselves with food.  But the tail looked wrong.  It was the wrong shape.   I started to run down the garden path, the thief heard me and took off.  It was a bloody pigeon. In my walk in run.  Working the feeder.

No wonder the damn things are so fat.

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