Sunday, 1 April 2012

Yet more decorating

The kitchen needs repainting.  It's quite a big job, and the ceiling needs repainting as well.  I need to work up the enthusiasm to tackle it (it's not just the painting, it's the taking everything off the walls and putting it all back again. We have hanging rails everywhere).  Our kitchen is made up of the original kitchen, plus an extension, making an L shape.  The old kitchen ceiling is lower than the new kitchen.

Because both ceiling and walls need doing, it'll need doing in two goes (otherwise the newly painted ceiling paint will peel off when I mask the coving to do the walls).  I had the bright idea of painting the coving now.  I calculated that it would be relatively quick (especially as I had some one-coat white matt emulsion in the loft),  and then I could leave it for a week (or two. Or more.) to harden off before needing to mask it to do the walls.

So, I did it this afternoon. I masked the walls (just as well, as I got a bit drippy later) and started to apply the paint.  Part way round, I realised that it would probably be a good idea to "cut in" the ceiling around the coving,  so that I wouldn't need to do that whenever I ghot round to rollering the ceiling.  So I included a couple of inches of ceiling as well.

When I'd finished,  I decided that I might as well have a go at painting the old kitchen ceiling.  I couldn't face doing the covering up that rollering would require, so I used a brush.  About half way through, I decided it was possibly not my best idea, but I'd started so I'd finish.

Eventually it was done, and I spent the next 3 minutes trying to clean up the splatters.   I'd been fairly careful and tidy,  but as my arm had started to ache I was making more splosh.  Still, it's done now.

I really can't tackle the main part with a brush, so I'll do that some other time.  But maybe sooner rather than later.

And I'll work on generating the enthusiasm to do the walls.

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