Wednesday, 11 April 2012


So, up early, let the Girlies out to free range before the Fenceman arrived.

9.30, we put them back in their run wuth some corn.  10.30ish, they had eaten all the corn and started objecting, loudly, to the loss of hthir freedom.

11.30, we supplied quartered cauliflowers.  

12.30, the din was getting rather irritating.

1.30, we fenced off a small area for them to range in, and let them out.

2.30 they were still whingeing (either at their reduced space, or because the hammering of the fence was worrying them. I have no idea what.).

3.30 I threw them an apple.  This created siulence for 30 seconds,  then we had a lot of disgruntled whingeing as they stole it from each other and ran around their alloted space.    When it had gone,  they lined up and all started to whinge, in unison, about the unfairness of it all.

5.00 it started again.
5.17, Florence decided to go into the Run for her dinner. She was closely followed by three of the remaining four.  DH remarked on it, so I moved to see. Florence spotted the movement and tore out of the Run, down the garden, to the edge of the fencing,   the others dropped what they were doing and careered after her.
They are now toing and froing, wanting to go into the Run but afraid theyll miss something.  I don't want to shut the door (I want to keep an eye on them to make sure no stray dogs get in through the open fence).
The noises range from pitiful burbling to angry screeches....  I'll go and shut them in the Run with some corn in a moment.


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