Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy Holidays

We went to Whitby for a week, staying in the old town.  Rented a really lovely cottage in one of the yards there.  The houses all have very small footprints, but are very tall,  and are jam-packed in.  

Most of the old-town properties are not accessible from the road. To get to them, you have to walk up steps and then down steps, through yards, and then up another set of steps.   It's very higgledy-piggledy, and gives Whitby part of its charm.
We were very lucky. Our property shared a small yard with three others and we had a shared patio area.  Inside it was fabulous - stripped floorboards, very tastefully renovated.

Lots of places to have breakfast, lots of places to have dinner, all within a couple of minutes walk. 

Wish we'd booked slightly later so that we could have enjoyed the Goth weekend as well.

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