Thursday, 26 April 2012

Smoke me a Kipper, and other famous Whitby things

Whitby is famous for many things, including:

It's a key location in Bram Stoker's Dracula.  We walked up the 199 steps to the graveyard.

It's the home of Whitby Jet which was prized by the Romans and the Victorians.  In its Victorian heyday, Whitby had over 200 Jet workshops.  Now there are only a couple, but there are a lot of shops selling Jet jewellery.

Goth Weekend happens twice a year, in April and October.   There are a lot of Goth (and Dracula) related events put on at those times,  and sme of the shops adapt their window displays to appeal to the Goth market (although some of the clothes looked more steam punk  to me.

Whitby Abbey, stunning ruins, at the top of the 199 steps.  We went there on the first evening, and didn't have time to go back.

Captain Cook is linked to Whitby.  Actually, he seems to be linked to a lot of places (born,  spent his childhood, blah blah).  Whitby is where he trained as a seaman.  

World famous Fortunes Kippers are smoked here.  Many of the restaurants serve Fortunes Kippers, or make pate from them. They are always listed on menus as Fortunes Kippers, not just "Kippers".

We bought some on our last morning to bring home.  Fortunately I had a cool bag I could zip them up in. They were freshly smoked and so the smoke smell was still strong.  I expect we;ll be having them for dinner tonight.

I think this is  the last of my Whitby related posts!

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