Thursday, 26 April 2012

Museum of Victorian Science

8 years ago, when we were both working and had money to spare and as a treat for DH's birthday, we flew to Teeside airport, hired a car, and went to the Museum of Victorian Science at Glaisdale.   When we'd finished there, we drove back to the airport, and flew home.

It was such a fascinating talk, that we had been planning to go back again ever since.    

We kept in touch with Tony and Pat.  DH built his own wimshurst machine, continued to collect a few bits and pieces...

This year we decided we would finally do it,  but build a week's holiday around it. And that's why we went to Whitby.

We were really pleased to see Tony and Pat again.   

We asked him if he had built the replica machine at Staithes - and he had, of course.  We knew that - there aren't many people who would be able to build something like that.

Even more in his museum than last time, and the talks now take two hours.  So many things to be demonstrated.

Turned out that Pat and Tony are good friends with the people we rented the cottage from. Small world!

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