Thursday, 26 April 2012


Of course we had to go on the North York Moors Railway.  The NYMR provides steam trains from Whitby to Pickering.  

We decided to go to Goathland,  which is also known as Aidenfield in the TV series Heartbeat.  Regrettably, we've never seen the programme so the excitement of seeing the Post Office, the Garage, the police Anglia, and the Aidenfield Arms was totally lost on us.

There is a waterfall just outside of Goathland, so we walked to have a look,=. It was a bit of a steep climb down, and a slippery walk along the end (it was raining at this point).  It wasn't a great waterfall to be honest. Still, the exercise did us good.

We sat in the Aidenfield Arms to have a bite to eat,  waiting for the train back to Whitby.  And we heard the same conversations over and over again. ("Do you think they did the fiming in here?"   "Do you think they did the filming inside the garage or in the studio?"  "I bet they made a packet out of it").  I bet the locals are tired of the same old same old stuff.

We got a train, and got off at Grosmont to have a look around (tbh I can't remember if these pics were of Grosmont or Goathland...).

On the other platform, a steam train with Pullman carriages arrived, and a weddding party disembarked.   Not uncommon, it turns out.

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