Thursday, 26 April 2012

Seagulls, Heargulls

Blimey, the Gulls are sooooooo noisy.  They aren't like they are on the soundtracks - it's not just that gentle relaxing noise.

Some of them sound like babies crying; some like cats; some like cats fighting.  They start while it's still dark, at about 3am, and continue round to about midnight.

They roost on all the rooftops - and there are a lot of rooftops.

We did start to get used to them, a bit,  but it made me appreciate the noise my chooks make (or lack of it).

They also like to perch on cars.  Every car park, the cars in there had seagulls on. 
(these pics were snapped with my phone, sorry about the poor quality)

The record was three seagulls on one car,  I think the roof was particularly warm and cosy.

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