Thursday, 26 April 2012

Little towns

Having spent a day exploring by train,  we decided to visit a couple of famous fishing villages.  

Staithes, just along the coast a bit from Whitby, was lovely.  Park at the top, and walk down a very steep hill into the village.

It was similar to the old-town of Whitby, although smaller.  Same sort of small tall cottages, all higgledy piggledy, with lots of alleyways and passages to explore.   Very picturesque.  Very steep.   I would guess that the majority of the houses and cottages by the harbour were second homes or holiday lets.  We started a clickometer, and sometimes we just couldn't click fast enough.

Staithes was originally a major fishing harbour, and would have been jam packed with boats and fisherman, and related industries.  Now it's a picturesque haven.
 The tide was out when we arrived, leaving a very sandy beach
I always feel sorry for harbour boats when the tide goes out...
Having explored the village, been to the craft cooperative, looked at the Lifeboat and lifeboat station, walked along the harbour walls,  we went back up the hill and stopped in at the Cook museum.   One of the exhibits was a replica electric shock machine,  and as soon as we saw it DH guessed that it had been made by the very person we'd come to Whitby to see.  More about him in another post later.

Embarrassed to say that on the climb back up to the car park, we had to make use of both benches that break the journey!

In the car park itself, fenced off, there is an old WWI army camp.  Currently for sale.


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  1. Wow, how beautiful! I'd love to own a old military cottage.