Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lots of weather

I quite like April rain.  The sort where you have sunshine one minute, then a brief shower with gentle rain, then warm sunshine again.   The current rain is nothing like that, and I think I've had enough now.

Firstly, we're missing the whole *shower* bit - instead, we're getting persistent, stormy rain.   Next, we're missing the *gentle* bit - this rain is hard and cold, and is accompanied by a lot of wind.  Thirdly, we're missing the *sunshine* bit - all we're getting is cold and dull.

The grass is very overgrown, but it's just too wet to mow.  The grass in the chicken area is mostly OK, as they tend to keep it down... but we can't risk puttin gthem on new ground with the grass there so overgrown.   We can't get on with planting out.   Cleaning out the chooks on the allotment was actually a chore today, as I was wrapped up in a coat and struggling against the driving rain to carry the poo laden trays to the much heap.

I was actually OK about the weather until 2 days ago.  I kept thinking that at least it'll help.... then I heardan interview on the radio, which confirmed that it's not doing anything to ease the drought situation.  The water isn't going down into the aquafers, and it isn't replenishing the water table. 

It does make me appreciate the occasional dry spells hiatus though.

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