Thursday, 26 April 2012

Broody Chaos

We've been away for a week.

Our next-door neighbour has been looking after the Girls (we remove a fence panel so they can free range and she can keep an eye on them) and the Cats.  The day before we went, Milly decided to go broody. The morning we went, Florence joined her.

We got back yesterday. Three are now broody. They are squashed into one nest box, while the non broody Roobarb is in th eother nestbox trying to lay an egg.  Of course the Titan of chooks, Florence, is one of the three-squashed-in-one.

Tilda now has the run of the place, completely unmolested.  She's wandering around making sad little chirruppy noises.  Perhaps she misses the others, even though they are really horrible to her?

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