Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Whipping up enthusiasm

I've got a load of egg whites in the fridge (from the custard I made the other day).  I keep meaning to try my hand at macaroons.

The last lot of egg whites ended up in the bin.

I've also got a business meeting tomorrow, and I thought I might make some carrot cupcakes and some banana muffins.   I need to go and buy some cream cheese to make the proper frosting for the carrot cakes. 

I just can't get seem to get started on any of it.   

Every time I think "Right, come on then, let's get that recipe book out" I get sidetracked.   I've had to take some photos of the Girls.   I had to investigate a noise. Put some washing on.  Tidy up a bit.   Cancel tomorrow's milk.   Sort out my handwashing (into a pile ready to be handwashed).   Put the heating on.   put the kettlle on.    Hang out the washing.  Reboil the cooled kettle to make the cup of tea.

I'm writing it down here as a way of giving myself a kick up the b*m.   But it's also just another way of procrastinating really. 

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