Thursday, 24 February 2011

The slightest whiff off Spring...

..and I have to throw open windows and doors to let the house breathe.

And then I find myself emptying the living room of furniture so I can get the dust bunnies and tumbleweed,  and give the floor a good scrubbing.   Then leave it to dry with the fresh air blowing through.

Or, perhaps more accurately,  I start by moving one of the sofas into the middle of the room and am horrified at the number of lost treasures I find under there, all nestling in tumbleweed and dust bunnies.  And because the sofas have electric bits to lift up the legs, I can't actually move them that far,  so it becomes a dance of military precision: move furniture, sweep floor, wash floor, scrub bits; whilst part A is drying,  move furniture elsewhere in the room and go through the same  process; while B is drying, do it in a third area.  Then move A back, revealing D to be cleaned, etc etc etc.   Eventually, all done and moved back.  And clean.  Until I light the stove anyway.

The next whiff of Spring will probably see me doing all the curtains in the house.  Unless I happen to be cleaning another room at the time

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