Sunday, 20 February 2011

Done, And Ouch.

Well Milly eventually laid her egg, and I was able to go and empty the nest box, scrub it, jet wash it, Poultry Shield it.  I also tried to clean the roof with the pressure washer. At some point I realised that I was bitterly cold, and I came in to get a warm coat and warmer gloves.   I didn't finish that bit, which I'm sure I'll regret.

Then I jet washed the nest box divider. It's wooden, so I put it in the house (our house) to dry overnight. I've put the single nest box wall back in the coop for now.  As they've all been trying to squash in to the same nestbox, perhaps they'll prefer it.  But actually I'm in no doubt the Girls will voice their disapproval tomorrow morning.

I then got some old towels and dried everything,  and then started to put things away.   It's surprising how long it takes to re-roll up the extension lead, and the hose,  and the pressure washer bits when one is cold and tired.

Then, poo trays back in and lined with Aubiose.  The back, back on.   Fresh Aubiose in the nestbox.  Everything away.

And my back hurts. A lot. 

I have a Chiro check up tomorrow, fortunately, so she can take a look.  I'm off to try a steam bath to see if that helps.

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