Sunday, 6 February 2011

Papardelle - perhaps not

Home made meatballs for dinner yesterday. with Papardelle pasta.   This is strange stuff: much, MUCH wider than taglietelle, and actually quite difficult to twirl.   I'd bought it some time ago to have with a rather meaty lamb ragout, when it was eaten with a knife and fork rather than as pasta.  Anyway. As usual I cooked three portions, one for me, one for DH, and one for the Girls.  The Girls' portion was left in fresh water overnight.

At treat time, I snipped it all up and took it out to the Girls.  Despite it being snipped, the pieces were still rather large.  As usual there was a scrummage, and then each Girl shot of in a different direction,  the size of treat varying wildly.   They make such a song and dance of having a treat and running off with it,  you think they'd learn that it was much better to just run off, eat, and come back?  No.   They run off chuntering.  Sometimes they run round in circles past each other chuntering,  with  pasta flailing behind in the wind.

The cleverest ones just gobble it down and come back for more.  Lily and Daisy are able to eat several pieces in the time it takes Roobarb to run round the garden, put her pasta down, pick it up, run around again, put it down, bok loudly, then nibble it.

This pasta produced even more bizarre behaviour than I normally get to see when we have Pasta fun.

When one came back, I'd put down some more.  The others would see more pasta, and come running back, usually irrespective of whether they had finished their piece.    

It made me chuckle to watch them trying to stuff another piece of pasta in their beak when their beak was already fully occupied.     I had to be careful to only put down small amounts, as I think we might have had a few problems.

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