Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shampoo Champagnoise

2011 is a Significant Anniversary for us.

In fact, it's made up of series of events each of which is worth celebrating for its significance..

Yesterday was one such day.  It was a Noteworthy occasion.  We debated whether to go out to dinner to celebrate, but decided not to.   It was, however,  important enough to open something special to toast with.

I'm not that keen on Champagne, but I do like a variery of other wines made in mehode champagnoise.     I opened it last night, being careful to twist the bottle not the cork.    There was no shaking or disturbance.  The cork didn't fly off, it came out correctly.  But then the contents erupted.  In a shower of champagnoise, I put the bottle on the table and watched, everything in slow motion.  There wasn't any point trying to cover the top of the bottle, that would have just made the contents evacuate over a wider area.

The table as sodden.  My hair was sodden. My clothes, the chairs, the floor....  In total, over half the bottle evacuated.

But it tasted delicious. What was left of it, anyway.

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