Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Net result

We're planning to extend the pens at the Allotment, and so we needed some more electric fencing to cover the new layout.      

I saw recently that Omlet has changed their netting.  The new netting can't be electrified, but it is interesting.  It's significantly taller than the electric netting,  it has much smaller squares at the bottom making it suitable for smaller hens, or partially grown chicks,  and it has a new style of post which is easier to push into the ground.

I coudn't justify buying any for our garden,  although I could see the extra height might reduce Lily's escape episodes.    So when DH mentioned he needed more electric fencing, the solution presented itself.

I bought an appropriate length of new Omlet netting,  and gave DH the equivalent lengtj of my older, electrifiable, stuff.

Everyone is happy.   Apart from the Girls who have discovered that they can't really get their heads through the netting to reach the greener grass.  Lily did have a darned good try though.

I see Omlet have also started to do Walk In Runs, using the same coated weldmesh that they use for their normal runs.  They come complete with fox proof skirts.   If I didn't already have a walk in run, I think I would be looking at buying one of theirs.

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