Sunday, 13 February 2011

Swiss Roll Woes

I have some cream in the fridge which must be used by yesterday.  I fancied custard.  So I started to whip some up.  I have a litre of cream, so I doubled Delia's recipe, using up 6 precious eggs in the process.

Part way through the cream simmering with the vanilla pod, I had a fancy for some Swiss Roll to eat with my custard - specifically some Swiss Roll with Lemon Curd.

I looked in my Delia cookbook. Hmm.   I looked in my Margeurite Patten cookbook and came across  rather more complicated recipe, which promised a lighter result.

So, I got going.     The initial stages were interesting,  and the mix looked fab and light.  Now, Margeurite says it takes 9 minutes for this to cook.    After 9 minutes, mine was no where near cooked.  So I added 2 minutes.  Then I added 2 minutes and turned the oven up (my fan oven, annoyingly, uses the same equivalent for gas 4 and 5).   Then I added another 2 minutes. 

At this point it was starting to look golden brown, and it was a little but more firm, but it wasn't cooked.  So I added another 2 minutes.

I think it's been in for 15 minutes so far.

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