Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Guinea fowl

OC (Other Chap) mentioned that he'd quite like to try raising Guinea Fowl this year.  I had reservations about it, but after DH and I looked into it, I was quite interested in the idea.     Not sure we're going to do it though because (a) they fly. High.  so we aren't sure we'll be able to contain them on the allotment, and (b) they are quite noisy.   

We bought a guinea fowl to try yesterday. Made Delia's recipe, the one with 30 cloves of garlic.   Very easy, very delicious. (although not sure it has as much flavour as our super duper home reared dinner chickens).   We've only eaten the breast so far, we'll be eating the rest for tonight's dinner, and it'll be interesting to see what the darker meat tastes like.

Good old Delia.

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