Sunday, 27 February 2011

Pork with hoisin sauce

Following on from butchering our half pig, we had a large hand of pork (3.4kg) yesterday for dinner, as we had friends around.  I slow-roasted it, using Jamie Oliver's recipe for bone-in pork shoulder,   allowing extra time for the middle part of the cooking (6 hours instead of 4.5).  It was fantastic.  Moist, juicy, tasty.  (No good if you like your pork sliced, this was fall-off-the-bone-in-chunks meat.

This evening for dinner we made piadines, which are an unleavened bread-type affair. We make these when we want to have "fajitas".     We shredded (scuffed about with two forks, in the manner of the waiters at chinese restaurants) some of the leftover pork and we made "pancakes" with the piadines, hoisin sauce, finely sliced cucumber and finely sliced spring onion.

OMG, it was delicious!

I've spent years not eating pork because when I think of it I think of dry squeaky meat.  These other cuts are such a revelation to me!

This will definitely be a regular feature on our leftover roast pork menu!

Gnom gnom gnom.

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