Saturday, 12 February 2011

Roo Trouble

A couple of weeks ago, DH mentioned that Roo occasionally attacks him.  It was always explainable:  DHwas carrying a large yellow trug, or he had gauntlets on, or...something.     We put it down to the start of the breeding season,  and possiby the crows from the cockerel a few plots away.

Today I went with DH to the allotment to clean out the coops whilst he did the waterers and feeders etc.    Roo tried to attack me.  I was carrying a small pink trug, and DH told me that was what had upset Roo.

A few minutes later, I was walking across Roo's pen carrying a tub of Stalosan. Roo tried to attack me.  I put the tub down, and told Roo not to be so stupid.

A bit later,  I was walking back across his pen carrying a small dustpan and brush, and he REALLY attacked me.  It hurt. Quite a bit.   

From then on, I watched out of the corner of my eye everytime I walked across the pen, or while I was working on his coop.  He sidled up to me - not in a "helloooo" kind of way - and then fluffed up. I faced him and glared,  and told him that yes, if e attached me, he would hurt me more than I would hurt him; but he needed to know that we only kept him because he was such a sweetie.  And if he wasn't a sweetie anymore, he could and WOULD be replaced.

I started to work out how we could replace him.  Obviously, we will have his offspring with the Welsh Blacks (Rose and Ruby), and we could easily raise and keep one of the boys from the next hatch.  But we like the Sasso x Welsh Black cross.    We could possibly keep one of Mrs Roo's boys, if we hatch any... but we think they are too closely related, and I'm not sure it would be good to have one of their boys as a stud.        Getting him to fertilise Custard's eggs might be the best option.  Custard is his daughter, but by our other Sasso girl, who is no longer with us.  

I don't really want to put Custard in with the breeding flock, but I'm sure we could arrange for her to visit Roo (or her and one of the others).  But I don't want to separate my garden girls for too long.  And how can I get her (them) on to Breeder pellets, when she's in with everyone else?

Hmmm.   Have to think about it.
Oh, when I got home - covered in Stalosan and Diatom, plus some virkon as I had been scrubbing and sterilising the spare roosting bars ,  I got changed. 

I have several puncture wounds on my leg.  Not as bad as when Flint ripped my jeans, but quite sore.

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