Saturday, 26 February 2011


As soon as the lemon curd was in the souffle dishes, and the remainder in the jars,  we put the fat from yesterday's pig into two roasting dishes and popped it in the warm oven to render down.

After 30 minutes we already had quite a lot of liquid,  so DH strained it into a jug and put the rest of the fat back in the oven.   We then poured the hot fat into hot (sterilised) jars and put on hot (sterilised) lids.  It looks amazing! It's a light golden colour, and incredibly clear. It smells clean too. 

It'll solidify into white lard, and I'm looking forward to trying it as it'll be such a pure product.

We're also going to try roasting tonight's potatoes in some of it.  Shirley says it's only bettered by goose fat,  so let's see.

Good job S&K don't mind being subjected to these experiments!

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