Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An unexpected blow

DH phoned me from the Allotment this morning to say that Mrs Roo Too was in a bad way.   She's been badly damaged by Roo treading her. We discussed getting her to the Vet, but when I phoned DH bac a little while later he said it wasn't worth it, she needed to be put down.

Roo is a lovely cockerel, very gentle, very polite, and very considerate of his ladies. But he is a big boy (and they are correspondingly big girls), and it wasn't done out of any nastiness or agression on his part.   It's still very sad though.

I've ordered a leather saddle to be delivered tomorrow, as Mrs Roo Too will need some extra protection, as she's bound to receive additional advances from Roo,  while we look for some new girls.    I'm going to contact Smart Chicks to see if they are able to let me have a couple of fully grown Sasso girls,  as I think we need to get additional hens asap.  PWe can't put the Dorkings in with Roo, unfortunately - they are just too small. 

The new hens need to be sturdy girls, but also suitable breeding stock for dinner chickens.  Need to do a bit more research on what might be big enough.

Mrs Roo Too only came into lay (at a ripe old age of 34 weeks) last week.  On the plus side,  she had a very happy and free range life.     It's still sad.

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