Tuesday, 6 April 2010

And some better news

It was warm enough today to put the little chicks outside for a while.

I made up the (scrubbed and disinfected) Eglu, and popped them in it, along with a heatpad. Then I opened the door so they could venture out into the Run if they wished.

And they wished.

They spent ages moving around the run area, in a tight bundle.  Everything got tested for food-worthiness, and they just cheeped and cheeped and cheeped.   Izzy came and lay down beside the run, in her best "i'm-just-being-cute-and-lying-here-not-at-all-interested-in-the-chicks manner";  Wash strolled past the run, did a double take and came back to take a closer look.  He saw me watching him watching them, and he sauntered off in a not-bothered kind of way.  He didn't fool me.

After about an hour, the chicks  all went back inside the Eglu for a nap; I'm not at all surprised, the assault on their senses must have been overpowering! So, I scooped them out and put them back in the chick pen in the shed.  

Don't want to overdo it on their first day.

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