Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ringing the Changes

We put rings on the chicks today, much to their distaste.  They spent a few minutes afterwards pecking at these things, which looked like old fashioned leg irons. Although not iron, obviously. And brightly coloured.

We only had 6 different coloured rings. The Rhodey doesn't need one, being as how he's unlikely to ever get confused with his step siblings.  And one of the Sussexes is uninged. unrung. 
We also attempted to guess the genders, using the sussex sexing method  at age 5-7 weeks, based on tail deveopments (more tail=female), redness of wattle (red=male), and comb development (more comb=male).  We have a 2 weekish window before the sexes look the same again.

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