Saturday, 3 April 2010

Chicks Day 20

Still gorgeous, the chicks are looking a little scruffy now.   They look as though they are wearing feather cloaks across their shoulders and backs.

They are all over the place inside their run now,  jumping on/off everything, and active for much longer periods.   We want to get them outside as soon as possible now - not to stay outside, but to start experiencing outside.

Mrs Flint, Norman and NotNorman will be going back to the allotment this evening, so we can scrib and disinfect the Eglu tomorrow and, weather permitting, the chicks can have a few minutes out tomorrow or Monday.

The chicks have also developed their warning warble, issued when one of them spots possible danger.  Everyone else freezes immediately.

I took a pic this morning using the webcam (so quality isn't great).  You can see how big they are now by how much of the Electric Hen they occupy - they just use this as a launch platform:

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