Friday, 30 April 2010

Sussexes go to their new home

We took the Sussexes over to their new home today. Lucky, lucky little chooks.

Their new Mum and Dad had everything sorted ready, and we popped the babies into their new coop and left them for an hour. DH nd I went off to see our own chooks, then came back to watch the babies come out.

Nothing. They were all busy rooking around in their coop. Then we had a few heads around the door,  and finally everyone rushed down the ramp.    The pair of geese, who also live there,  feigned disinterest.

We left Mum and Dad watching the littlees antics.

I'm not sad to see them go. I thought I would be,  but I think their new home is so lovely, and their new Mum and Dad are so keen,  I'm actually just happy for them.

I've emptied the Eglu and have left it open (rain is due), and I'll jetwash and disinfect it as soon as we have some decent weather.  I've also brought in and scrubbed & disinfected all the drinkers and feeders (different sizes for different sized chicks), ready for reuse in the next few days.

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