Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Girls. And new eggs.

Collected two lovely Welsh Blacks yesterday (Australorp x Indian Game), who are going ot join Roo and Mrs Roo.   We also accidentally collected 6 Australorp eggs, and they are now in the Incubator.  I'm usually too well disciplined to impulse-buy chickens,  but the reality is that if the chap had had Australorps for sale, I probably would have bought those instead of the Welsh Blacks.  I;m hoping we hatch some girls, as I may accidentally keep one.

The Welshies have been installed on the Allotment. Normally we'd keep them separate for a few days, but the Eglu is in use for the chicks.   We saw the place that the Weshies came from, and we saw their pen, the conditions were fine, everything was well kept and all the birds were well cared for,  so hopefully it'll be OK.

We had deliberately chosen well established hens, and we put a saddle on one of them straight away as she already had slight feather loss from the previous cockerel. 

Mrs Roo is not impressed, and has been busy asserting herself.  I've gone from worrying about how poor Mrs Roo will feel dealing with two intruders to feeling more sorry for the poor girls that we've introduced.       We went to the allotment early this morning to check for problems, but couldn't see anything.   The girls are very wary of us (unsurprisingly), so I'll go back later and see if I can get some one-to-one time with them. 

Roo is delighted.

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