Sunday, 11 April 2010

Chicks Day 28

The chicks are *almost* through the scruffy stage now, and are starting to look like miniature light sussexes.  They are realy boisterous and bouncy,  and have been outside during the day for three days now.

They've started to use the proper feeder when outside, but they aren't using the proper drinker, so we're still putting the chick drinker in the run for them.

First day or two they were very timid, and spent a lot of time inside the Eglu.  They moved as a crowd in and out.  We made a point of walking past them and talking to them but not stopping, so they get used to having lots of activity around them.

This morning DH is mowing the rest of the grass, and strimming everywhere that needs it, and we've left the chicks in the broody pen in the shed while this goes on. I think lawnmower noise would be a bit much to take at this stage.

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