Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Not Dorkings...?

I've been browsing, looking for some large breed girls to replace Mrs Roo Too.  I came across a picture which made me do a double take,  as the girs (and the cockerel) in it were the spitting image of Captain Flint and the two Mrs FLints.  And their offspring.

Not Dorkings, but Silver Duckwing Welsummers perhaps?
I searched some more and found other pics of the breed, and the similarity is remarkable. 

We've always introduced them as Dorking Crosses (the yellow legs, brown eggs and four toes told us they weren't purebreed Dorkings).  

I'm not sure they are Silver Duckwing Welsummers either though, the eggs aren't brown enough, 

I don't mind what they are, they are really pretty girls, with super soft strokeable feathers.


  1. As I have said before, I was sold the eggs as pure breed Silver Dorkings.

    The parent birds I saw all looked like Silver Dorkings. And were sold to the breeder as such.

    The 5 toes is not obligatory, although it IS desirable for show purposes.

    All three ( Flint, Mrs Flint and Willow/Buffy , not sure which one died!) were half siblings, all the same age from the same hatching, same cock, different hen.

    So...not sure how they have become half Dorking ? or indeed any other breed?

    Still, regardless of what hey may or may not be, they are pretty and a very useful broody I have found?

    Sadly I no longer have either of the remaining 2 Silver Dorking hens, Violet died of fright in a thunder storm and sadly Ruby got taken by the fox in "the great fox massacre" when 6 of my girls were killed in one go...

    Sad but it happens.

    I now have a Cream Legbar to fill the "mad hen" position...punk feather crest and mad floppy comb...!

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  3. Silver Duckwing Wellsumers also lay dark brown eggs

    rather than the pale /white eggs laid by Dorkings...which is what the ones I had and the ones you had off me, lay...

  4. Hi Sarah
    Sorry to hear about Violet - Buffy died of fright in a thunderstorm too, back in November. I'm sure you'll love your cream legbar. I have one (you can see a picture of her on the right hand border of my blog layout). She really is a little loony, but very lovely with it.

  5. Yes, thats what Vanilla ( cream..geddit?) is like ! very nervous and skittish but slavishly devoted to me, follows me around and wants to be with me all the time..

    vey cuddly little thing, so soft and strokable.

    Wonder if she will be a broody as the Dorkings were?...we shall see this summer....