Sunday, 4 April 2010

THings don't always go according to plan

So. yesterday the time had come to reintroduce the 5 Allotment DorkingXs to each other.  Plan was to slip the 3 that we have here in with the 2 on the allotment, while they were all sleepy.    Also, plan was to douse them all in red mite powder, so that they all smelt the same.

3 Girls here (mrs Flint, Norman and Notnorman) were boxed up, much to their indignation.  Arrived at the allotment, and we realised that this was not going to work as we expected.   Everyone on the Allotment was still up and about!
We popped Pogo and Siouxsie in to the coop, which they weren't happy about, and they tried to escape.  Meanwhile, the three in the box escaped.  We then had to catch them all, and as we did so we doused them liberally with red mite powder. I can say, with some certaintly, that DH and I are now unlikely to have a red mite problem.  Nor will our jumpers, our coats, our trousers, or our shoes. 
We did everythign else we needed to do, fed, waterered,  had a chat with the Roo family,  but the two girls weren't interested in going to bed. Aware that our plan was in tatters, we continued anyway. Everyone was put in the coop.   We hadn't planned to leave the door shut, on the basis that - if there was trouble - there would be an escape route for the victim.  We opened the door.

Everyone came rushing out.  They then procfeeded to scratch, roll, eat..... and thenpeck everything in sight.    Mrs Flint and Notnorman were particularly assertive/aggressive, including pecking poor Norman in their attacks.  Siouxsie made a couple of attempts at pecking;   Notnorman actually got on top of Pogo,  and I had to pick her up to make sure she was OK.  After about ten minutes, everyone was busy ignoring everyone else, and eventually we had to leave them to it.

I didn't sleep well.

This morning, we got there early, and all the girls were already out.  Each girl was insepcted, there were no signs of injury. Evidence that Mrs Flint had spent the night in the nestbox.

Everything seemed OK. Not as in "OK, everythings hunkydory" but OK as in "there's been no major disaster".

I wish we had a webcam there so I could see what was happening.

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