Friday, 30 April 2010

Other chickeny updates

The three Sassos are in the lunar module brooder, doing well; the other 3 eggs (1=Australorp, 1=Welsh Black, 1=WBxRoo) are still in the incubator, all diu to hatch over the weekend.  DH candled them again, and they are still looking OK.

Down on the Allotment, the two new Welsh Black girls are definitely settled in.  I noticed for thefirst time today that one has a normal comb and the other a rose comb.  I was finally able to name them, I've been struggling to come up with one of the names.  So, in with Roo and Mrs Roo we now have Rooby (normal comb) and Rose (rose comb).

Rooby ate corn out of my hand today. She was a bit timid, but quite determined. I'm really pleased with the progress this represents, and I mentioned it to OC (other chap) when we saw him. Turns out Rooby eats from his hand too.

In the garden, Lily is still zipping about everywhere. She's still on antibiotics, still not laying, so it's still fingers crossed. 

This chicken keeping malarkey, it's a bit addictive.

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