Tuesday, 13 April 2010

In the space of 2 days...

..the chicks have "grown" enormously.

Up until Sunday, we used a 6-bottle wine box to move them from their broody pen to the ouside Eglu, and we could easily fit 4 in the box.  Now we can only just fit three in.   They are also much taller, and can escape too easily from the box, so we've switched to a much taller and sturdier 12-bottle delivery box. (Thanks Waitrose).

Yesterday they tried peas.  Today, a few little bits of apple.   
They are so boisterous, at least one of them has started trying to roost on the side of the brooder pen.      
If the weather continues to be warm, when they are at 5 weeks old we might try leaving them out in the Eglu overnight (with the warmth of a heat pad of course).  We'll see.

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