Friday, 6 February 2009


There have been a few squabbles, but nothing major, certainly nothing as nasty as when we introduced the Littlees.

There's been a bit of blocking the Newbies out of the Cube; Lily (newbies) has been chasing Jasmine (poor Jasmine!); Daisy (newbie) has been bullying Milly. But now I see them sharing porridge without any trouble, and they continue to spend time as a group of 5 and also in their original 3+2. I guess we'll know that peace has really broken out if and when we see them free ranging in different groups.

The snow has been melting over the last day or two. I miss seeing the chicken footprints (like convict prints) in the snow. The Cube has been incredibly warm inside, 3.9 degrees when the outside temp was 0.7. That's one of the very big positives of having extra duvets in the cube!

We've decided to put a couple more panels of clear corrugated pvc roofing down one side of the Run, replacing the Omlet shade, which will mean the whole of one side has weather protection but still lets in light. The roofing doesn't go completely top to bottom, we want to make sure the air can circulate.

All the girls ate porridge today, four of the five bowls were completely empty. I need to add some Limestone flour to the porridge for couple of days, as the last egg laid by Delilah had quite a thin shell.

The only one regularly laying is Milly, bless her. We get lovely blue egg most days from her.

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