Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cheese, again

We've been maturing the most recent brie, trying several different options.

We cut the brie into three pieces. Well, it would be fairer to say that we cut what was left of the brie into three pieces, and decided to trial different storage methods.

One piece went into one of my airtight cake carriers (it'll never be used for cake again, as that cheesey smell just won't wash out).

Another was put in the fridge in greaseproof paper.

And the third was in the fridge in clingfilm.

Piece One sat on the kitchen table. The box got a bit humid. We got a bit worried. We anticipated mouldy cheese. I mean mouldy as in bad mould , because Brie is covered in mould anyway, that's what the furry white stuff is. In fact, the cheese ripened beautifully in these conditions, we caught it running away through the plastic trivet. We decided that anymore ripeness would be too much ripeness, so we ate most of it and put the rest in the fridge.

The other two pieces stayed firm.

It was all delicious.

I can see naother trip to the supermarket for another 8 pints of milk coming up.....

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