Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Accidental introductions

This morning it's gorgeous outside. Bitterly cold, lots of snow, but it's very sunny. I wanted to empty the poo trays as I was concerned the frozen turds would be acting like little ice blocks in the night.

Opened up the Oldies run so they could come out and explore the snow while I did them, which they did. Did the Newbies poo tray, and then let them out. Went back to the Oldies Cube to put some extra bedding in, and suddenly I was joined by Lily, who had flown over her netting (despite her clipped wing). She landed beside me, and then started to stroll towards the Oldies.

There wasn't any point in trying to stop her, but I was very worried. Then she walked into their run. Delilah, the boss, was in the nestbox, oblivious to the invasion. Jasmine and Milly just stared, as Lily walked around the run, stuck her head in a feeder, and had a good explore. Milly and Jasmine complained, and Delilah came down to see what was happening.

She and LIly just looked at each other. Then Lily continued exploring. Delilah pecked her tail - but not particularly viciously.

Meanwhile, Daisy stayed in the Eglu run. I was concerned now that Lily would join the Oldies, and Daisy would be on her own. I spent ages trying to encourage her out. DH came and helped, still she wouldn't come out.

DH had to go. Milly and Delilah were sharing porridge, Milly had some on her comb. Lily pecked it off Milly's comb. I resisted the urge to rush in and clean Milly. Lilly carried on rooking round in the Hemcore lookng for something to eat.

Much, much later, I managed to get Daisy out of the run, and I temporarily shut the run door so she couldn't get back in. I picked her up and put her down outside the Oldies run. She had an explore in the snow, around a shrub, and worked towards the Run door. Then she was in.

They all look a bit shell shocked, and I feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for the trouble to start. I opened the door at the other end of the Run so that if there is trouble, there is an escape route. In fact, I think I'll go out and open the third door under the Cube, just to make sure it's difficult for a hen to be cornered.

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