Monday, 9 February 2009

Poor Jasmine

My poor little girl.

Jasmine is a funny little chicken. Well, a funny large chicken. We've had her since she was 12 weeks old, same time as we got Milly. She's always been incredibly shy and prone to panic. When we finally introduced Milly and Jasmine to Scarlett and Delilah, Jasmine was immediately bottom in the pecking order.

Following the (accidental) introduction of Newbies Daisy and Lily, it seems Jasmine remains bottom of the pecking order. Daisy and Lily make her move for no reason, and I always have to find ways of making sure she gets a share of the afternoon treats.

While things have been settling down, Lily and Daisy have been sleeping in the nest box, with the 3 Oldies sleeping on the roosting bars. Last night I went out to shut the Cube door (it's still very cold at night), and was saddened to see that four girls were on the roosting bars and poor Jasmine was on her own in the nest box. I know I'm anthropomorphosising (sp?), but I felt so sorry that she has been pushed out. Poor little heart.

Of course, she might just prefer to be on her own.


  1. I like your blog. I followed it off the omlet forum. I've had once since 2006-7 and had 2 amber stars in the past and now have a Welsummer. I want a cream legbar if I can persuade OH to have a) more chickens or b) one with a crest. Anyhow I did have to look to see if Jasmine was your Welsummer as ours is completely neurotic and bottom of the pecking order and jumps at garden birds and of food being thrown at her! She is very beautiful though like in your potential Christmas card photo.

  2. Thank you Sarah :-) Yes, as you spotted from the photo, Jasmine is the Welsummer, and she is neurotic. Treat time is always difficult, as she just won't take her share. She takes ages to decide to try some, and then as soon as the other Girls ome anywhere near her (even by accident) she abandons it. I've started to try and give them treats in one place, and secrete treats to her while the others are busy!. I hope you do persuade your OH to have a Legbar; Milly is gorgeous, really funky hairdo with a really silly comb... but she's such a lovely character and she lays beautiful blue eggs.