Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Way!

The Girls aren't too happy about the snow.

The Oldies stood at the top of the steps, and refused to come out; The Newbies peeped around the door, and decided to stay put.

DH went off to get a rake to clear the two Runs as, despite the rooves, there was a thick snow carpet; I made some pellet porridge. The Oldies came out to eat the porridge in the cleared run. The Newbies came out after some persuasion, but still won't eat porridge.

An hour and a half later, I went out with some mixed corn, and checked the water. The mixed corn was devoured quickly,then everyone went back to bed.

At 11.00, I went out with more porridge. Milly came down and ate lots, Jasmine came down and didn't, Delilah wouldn't come down. I sprinkled mixed corn on the Newbies porridge, hopoing to entice them to eat it.

Checked that the drinkers were still working.

At 12.30, I went out with mixed corn and a kettle of hot water. I put a little hot water in all the drinkers. Everyone wanted corn. Put some on the bird table for the wild birds as well. Girls went back to bed afterwards.

Snowing again. At about 3pm, DH and I went out and put some more clear roofing panels on the Newbies run, to give them a bit more protection. More corn.

4.15pm, went out to give everyone their final bit of corn. Will be shutting them in their respetive houses as soon as they have gone in, so that they start to warm up as early as possible. Think I need to repeat the comb protecton for Milly, and will apply some to Delilah too. Will do it after they've been shut up for the night.

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