Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Sleeping arrangements

It's been very stressful today, with them all being together unexpectedly. There was a reluctance to return to Quarters, so they all stayed down by the kitchen. There was obviously some sort of Hen-politicking going on, about who was going to go where first.

Milly and Jasmine lumbered back to the Run eventually. Then Lily. Then Daisy. Then Delilah ambled back. By the time she got to the door, Lily had come out and gone into the Eglu Run. Then Lily came back to get Daisy, and they ambled off towards the Eglu run, but were dithering. Delilah came out of the Run and started to amble back to the kitchen.

I had debated whether to shut them all in the Big Run, but decided that I'd let them choose. We had decided, however, that if the Newbies went back to the Eglu, we'd transfer them to the Cube when it was daark (getting up very early in the morning to let them out before anyone woke up).

As soon as I saw Lily and Daisy waddle off, I regretted my decision to let them choose.

I went out wth some corn, and as soon as they were all in the Big Run, I shut the door and went back into the house. Then we watched and waited, ready to go out and release the Newbies if there was any trouble.

A lot of time passed. More hen-polticking. Then Delilah went to bed. Time passed, and Jasmine followed. Then Milly. Then the Newbies were on their own. Daisy seemed quite calm, but Lily seemed a little stressed, she was walking around the Run a lot.

We discussed whether to let them out and proceed with our transfer plan. We discussed whether to move the Eglu into the Big Run. In the end I decided we'd see what the Girls did. They would (a) try and go into the Cube (b) try and roost on one of the perches or (c) not settle. If it was (b) we'd move them when it was dark; if it was (c) we'd take them to the Eglu or bring the Eglu to them.

Daisy flew up on to one of the perches and settled down.

Then Lily walked up the ladder. I helpd my breath. She got to the top. Would they let her in? (Delilah used to block the entrance so that Milly couldn't enter.

She went in. Daisy flew down from the perch and wandered around, then she climbed the ladder too, and went in!

Oh my goodness!!

This is such good news....although it doesn't mean everything is OK. We'll have to get up before it gets light tomorrow, while the Girls are still asleep, so that we can open the Cube door before they wake up and start fighting.

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