Tuesday, 24 February 2009

No salt peas, we're Chickens

Salt isn't good for the Girls.

For that reason, whenever I heat up some BirdsEye Petits Pois I've taken to not adding salt so that the Girlies can have the spare. Its funny how so many seem to fall in the saucepan now that I've got chickens.

It's taken a while, but I'm about used to salt-less peas now. I never added much salt anyway, as BEPP are so sweet and tender anyway. And I suppose it helps that when our own sugar snap peas are ripe I can't get them into the house before I've eaten them....and there's no salt in the garden.

I've just cooked some Pardina lentils (the only lentils I've every found I could eat) ready to add to the vegetable soup I'm making for my dinner tonight. I wonder if the Girls like lentils?

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