Wednesday, 18 April 2018


We had Summer today.

Not Spring. Definitely Summer.

I did many loads of washing, and put them out on the washing line.  I love washing on a washing line.  I did 6 loads, including 2 loads of fabric.

I was going to do a bedding change for one of the chooks's coops.  I found a broken egg,  not the first, either Gloria or Poppy is laying very weak shelled eggs at the moment.  I decided a deep clean would be a good idea,  and I wondered about waiting to the weekend to see if Small Person might want to help.  

In the end, I decided I'd best just get on with it.  And then I decided as I had the pressure washer out that I might as well deep clen both coops.  And the nestboxes in the run.  And the patio.  And all the run covers.....

I also put up some green netting inside the run,  which helps keep the heat out.   I can't believe that 2 days ago it was really cold and wet,  and today it is so warm.

DH hacked back the Pampas,  digging up lots of bramble that was hiding inside.  The girls were delighted to investigate his handiwork.

I also cleared out a bit of Myshed, mainly because I was trying to find the pressure washer, and the Stalosan, and the Diatom. And clean covers.

I'm cream crackered now.  I've put my clothes, which are covered in moss and heaven knows what,  in the washing mashine.  I've had a shower, and I'm in jimjams.  It's only 5pm!

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