Sunday, 1 April 2018


We don't 'do' Easter, it's usually just a normal Sunday.   We used to do something when the children were, well, children.

This year Small Person's mum and dad have asked us over for dinner.   I wasn't sure what to say.   It was very kind of them to ask,  and we like seeing them.... but...  well..  we don't do Easter,  we don't really want  to do Easter...  

DH and I chatted about it, and in the end we decided it would be much harder to try and explain things without it sounding like a weak excuse,  than it would be to accept the invitation.   It's also a very sad anniversary today and tomorrow,  and that is more important than the whole Easter business.  So, we're going.

Of course this raised the spectre of  the whole Easter Egg/Chocolate stuff. I'd already explained to SP (before we were invited for dinner) that we wouldn't be getting her anything, and I asked SP's Mum not to get us anything. She said it was too late.

I know I'm ungrateful,  but I don't want or need Easter pressies. I'd rather they spent the moneh on buying stuff for themselves, or for Small Person, or whatever.      I also don't want to get a present and have nothing to give in return.      I know one doesn't  'give to get',  but it's just so uncomfortable. I know Mrs SP means it all very kindly, and I don't want to hurt her feelings.  

I just prefer to do little things throughout the year when I think of them,  not on days that someone else has designated as needing to be marked.

Anyway. Earlier in the week I  went to the supermarket,  stood in front of the grotesque displays of Easter Eggs and chocolates,  and tried to decide what to do.  I couldn't bring myself to buy any.    It's all so overpriced and overhyped.  It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ's deatha and resurrection, it's all just marketing.

I thought about just buying a selection of sweets  but, for some bizarre reason,  that seemed worse than not buying anything at all - like it was an afterthought.  How ironic that something I've been fretting about for days should seem like an afterthought. 

I decided I'd make a chocolate cake instead.

I'm trying Delia's chocolate for Adults, which is made with Guinness.

The cakes are cooling, and I've still got to make the icing and ice them.    The kitchen looks like an explosion in a chocolate factory.  I've gone into another room to escape the mess and to pull myself together before I try and tackle it.

I hope this bloody cake tastes OK.

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